Online Student Checklist

Distance Education Student Checklist  
Some steps you can take to be successful*

Checkmark iconTo Do Before Classes Start

  • Review the “New & Current Student Guide” on the distance education website, complete the online Orientation requirements and take the completion test in Canvas.
  • Order your required textbooks 
  • Review the technical specifications
  • Read about how to setup and use your University NinerMail account.
  • Review the Online Student Services Backpack so you know what services and resources are available to you as a current UNC Charlotte student.
  • Contact the distance education office or your program manager if you have any questions

Checkmark iconFirst Week of Courses

Checkmark iconDuring the Course

  • Login to your course several times per week
  • Review announcements
  • Contribute to class discussions
  • Ask the instructor for clarification on assignments
  • Schedule time in your week for readings, assignments, etc.

CheckmarkEnd of Course

  • Complete final papers, projects and exams.
  • Complete the online course evaluation
  • Contact your advisor to make sure you understand which course(s) you should register for next term.  Once registration is open, register for the next term

CheckmarkNearing Graduation/ program completion

  • Contact your advisor to confirm you are “on-track” to graduate
  • You must apply for graduation.  Applications must be submitted early in the term.  Make sure you meet the deadline!

*This is not an exhaustive list.