What can I do with this program after I graduate?

  • Graduates who complete all program requirements are eligible to apply for a North Carolina Initial Standard Professional I (SP1) teaching license.
  • Students who complete the graduate certificate have the option of pursuing the Master of Arts in Teaching in Foreign Language Education, which leads to the advanced “M” teaching license. Coursework focuses on teacher leadership, advanced methodology, and research methods. Hours earned in the certificate program may be applied to the M.A.T.

Course Offerings:

Methods I Block:

  • MDSK 6162: Planning for K-12 Instruction
  • MDSK 6162L: Lab in Instructional Design*

Equity & Education:

  • MDSK 5204: Equity & Education

Methods II Block:

  • FLED 5200: Methods in K-12 Foreign Language Teaching
  • MDSK 5100L: Lab in Content Pedagogy*

Assessment Course:

  • FLED 5104: Assessment in K-12 Foreign Language Teaching

Customized Course:
In consult with their advisor, candidates must complete one of the following:

  • MDLG 5130: The Middle Grades Experience (2 credit hours)  
  • SECD 5140: The Secondary School Experience (2 credit hours)
  • Advanced Content Course (5000-6999) in the intended licensure area (3 credit hours)
    • At this time, all courses in the Grad Cert, with the exception of the advanced language course, are delivered 100% online. Candidates can take this advanced content course, but it is not required. This course may be offered online or face-to-face depending on the licensure area.  Face-to-face courses will not be eligible for the distance education rate of tuition. If a candidate is unable to find an online content course, they may have the option to take one through the UNC Language Exchange program and transfer it in. This option should be consulted with an advisor prior to enrolling.

This internship course requires full-time public school placement with a licensed K-12 teacher (in the intended licensure area) or a full-time position as a Residency Teacher (in the intended licensure area) in an approved school. Prior to applying for the internship, teacher-candidates must demonstrate advanced foreign language skills by obtaining a minimum score of Advanced Low on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

  • FLED 6470: Graduate Student Teaching and Internship - Foreign Language Education

*Clinical Experiences:
Courses are delivered 100% online using Canvas. Lab courses have required face-to-face clinical hours to be completed on-campus on select days and times where candidates will practice strategies taught and receive feedback. The location and dates of the meetings will be indicated in the course syllabus.