Course Offerings:

Summer II and Fall Course Offerings:
Students may choose to take 5 credits in one term or may split the courses between two terms.

  • MDSK 5204: Equity & Education (2 credits)
  • MDSK 6162: Planning for K-12 Instruction (2 credits)
  • MDSK 6162L: Lab in Instructional Design* (1 credit)


  • MDSK 5255: Methods in Teaching Career & Technical Education (3 credits)
  • MDSK 5105: Assessment in Teaching Career & Technical Education (2 credits)
  • MDSK 5100L: Content Pedagogy Lab* (1 credit)


  • Same courses as previous summer are offered. Students are not required to take a course.

In consultation with an advisor, candidates must complete one of the following:

  • MDLG 5130: The Middle Grades Experience (2 credit hours)  
  • SECD 5140: The Secondary School Experience (2 credit hours)
  • MDSK 6470: Graduate Student Teaching and Internship

This final course is a full-time internship requiring employment as a CTE teacher in an approved middle or high school or a non-paid placement with a licensed CTE teacher in a public middle or high school. It requires application and approval during the semester prior to the internship.. 

*Clinical Experiences:

  • Courses are delivered 100% online using Canvas. Lab courses have required face-to-face clinical hours to be completed off-campus on select days and times where candidates will practice strategies taught and receive feedback. The location and dates of the meetings will be indicated in the course syllabus.