3-Year Online Plan of Study* 

*The School of Social Work is currently in the approval process of transitioning our 3-Year Hybrid program to a 3-Year Online program. Please check back for future updates.

The 3-Year plan of study is offered fully online. All courses in the program are offered in synchronous “live” and asynchronous “not live” learning experiences.  Synchronous means students and instructors will log in at the same time for live virtual classes. Asynchronous means  students do not have to log in at the same time as other students and instructors. They can complete assignments when it is convenient for them as long as they are completed by their weekly due dates.   

In addition to fully online classes, students will have the opportunity to visit campus, in-person and virtual, for Immersion Experiences that will extend classroom learning and provide professional development opportunities. Students will also be able to network with other 3-year program cohorts.  Dates and meeting platforms will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

During the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters, students continue to take courses through online classes, and during the last two years they also complete the Foundation field placement during other days of the week.  The field placement requires a total of 16 hours per week on site at a social work services agency under the supervision of someone with an MSW. 

Students do have the option of enrolling in hybrid or face to face elective courses for those who prefer additional learning opportunities. Please note that regular main campus tuition rates will be charged for optional hybrid or face to face courses and these are not eligible for the distance education rate.

The 3 year plan of study is outlined below.
*Course sequence may vary slightly depending on year of entry

Year One: Foundation Curriculum

Summer: (6 credits)

  • SOWK 6121: Social Work Practice: Theory and Skills (3)
  • SOWK 6141: Foundations of Social Work (3)

Fall: (6 credits)

  • SOWK 6131: Social Work Research (3)
  • SOWK 6151: Social Work, Social Justice, & Diversity (3)

Spring: (6 credits)

  • SOWK 6242: Advocacy and Policy Change (3)
  • SOWK 6232: Practice and Program Evaluation (3)

Summer: (3 Credits)

  • SOWK 6252: Mental Health Assessment (3)
Year Two: Advanced Curriculum

Fall: (9 Credits)

  • SOWK 7122: Advanced Social Work Practice with Individuals (3)
  • SOWK 7222: Advanced Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations I (3)
  • SOWK 6441: Foundation Social Work Practicum I (3)

Spring: (9 Credits)

  • SOWK 7127: Advanced Social Work Practice with Families (3)
  • SOWK 7223: Advanced Social Work Practice with Communities and Organizations II (3)
  • SOWK 6441: Foundation Social Work Practicum I (3)
Year Three: Advanced Curriculum (cont.)

Summer: (3 Credits)

  • Elective (3) 

Fall: (9 Credits)

  • SOWK 7126: Advanced Interpersonal Practice with Groups (3)
  • SOWK 7443: Advanced Social Work Practicum I (3)
  • Elective (3) 

Spring: (9 Credits)

  • SOWK 7651: Reflection and Synthesis (3)
  • SOWK 7444: Advanced Social Work Practicum II (3)
  • Elective (3)