Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Analytics


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The Health Informatics and Analytics program at UNC Charlotte leverages its position within the University’s Data Science Initiative (DSI) and capitalizes on the strength of its parent colleges, the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Computing and Informatics, to prepare domestic and international students to advance the professional practice of health informatics and analytics through a thorough grounding in data science, system architecture, and health analytics. The Health Informatics and Analytics Graduate Certificate Program (HIAN-CERT) now offers a fully online part-time pathway to completing the program in as few as 11-months (July-May).  Students can now pursue the HIAN Graduate Certificate fully online (or fully face-to-face) via a part-time pathway, or full-time following a blended (a mix of face-to-face and online courses) pathway.  While we expect our part-time fully online students to predominantly come from the Charlotte area, the online graduate certificate program is open to anyone in the US or abroad. Students residing outside of North Carolina will be classified as non-resident distance education students for tuition and fee purposes. International students do not need a US visa to complete the certificate online remotely, but should consult the university's Distance Education website for complete details.  We will offer HADM 6100 each Summer 2 (July-August). We will offer all 5 certificate courses each semester, with at least two of the remaining 4 certificate courses offered online.


As much as 30% of the entire world’s stored data is generated in the health care industry. A single patient typically generates close to 80 megabytes each year in imaging and electronic medical record (EMR) data. This trove of data has obvious clinical, financial, and operational value for the health care industry, and the new value pathways that such data could enable have been estimated by McKinsey to be worth more than $300 billion annually in reduced costs alone.  Health Informaticians (increasingly called Health Data Scientists) bridge the gap between the worlds of medicine and information technology, looking for patterns in data.  These Health Data scientists are the experts who compile, link, and analyze these disparate data to provide the evidence and insight to inform clinical and system level decision-making toward optimal, efficient healthcare.



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