Semester 1

  • Session A - ELED 5110 Developing a Productive and Equitable Learning Environment (2) online
  • Session B - READ 5111 Essentials of Literacy Instruction (2) online 
  • Full Term - ELED 5112L Practice-Based Teaching I Lab (1) in person

Semester 2

  • Session A - ELED 5210 Essentials of Teaching Mathematics to Elementary School Learners (2) online 
  • Session B - READ 5211: Methods for Literacy (2) online
  • Full Term - ELED 5212L Practice-Based Teaching II Lab (1) in person

Semester 3

  • Session A - ELED 5310 Teaching and Assessment of Mathematics for Elementary School Learners (2) online
  • Session B - READ 5311 Literacy Assessment and Tiered Interventions (2) online
  • Full Term - ELED 5312L Practice-Based Teaching III Lab (1) in person

Semester 4

  • ELED 6470 - Graduate Student Teaching and Internship (6) 

*This final course is a full-time internship requiring employment as an elementary teacher in an approved elementary school or a non-paid placement with a licensed teacher in a public elementary school. It requires application and approval during the semester prior to the internship.

All teacher education programs at UNC Charlotte are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education has been approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education.

Internship/Student Teaching

The graduate-level student teaching/internship is the culminating experience of the Graduate Certificate program, offering students the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness for the initial Standard Professional I teaching license. A GPA of 3.0 or above in the graduate certificate coursework is required to be eligible for the student teaching/internship. Students are assigned to an appropriate classroom for a full-time, semester-long experience under the supervision of the classroom teacher and University faculty. Lateral entry teachers and teacher assistants must contact the Office of School and Community Partnerships to determine the appropriateness of their classroom for the student teaching/internship experience and licensure requirements. This contact should take place at least one semester before student teaching. The prerequisite for the student teaching/internship is completion of all program coursework, a GPA of 3.0 or above, an application for the course by the established deadline, and approval of the department.

Clinical Field Experiences

All courses require students to develop their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in public school/agency settings. During the Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education program, all students are expected to complete clinical experiences in at least three significantly different settings.

Clinical field experiences provide opportunities for helping all students learn, including children with exceptionalities and students from diverse ethnic/racial, linguistic, gender, and socioeconomic groups. During clinical experiences, students apply theories and understandings gained in coursework, analyze K-6 student learning, and develop the ability to positively impact all learners. The first semester requires a minimum of 30 hours of clinical experiences.  The second semester requires a minimum of 36 hours of clinical experiences.  The third semester requires a minimum of 40 hours of clinical experiences These structured experiences can take place in multiple settings such as neighboring schools or districts, after-school programs, or in the schools and classrooms in which the candidates work or are placed by the Office of School and Community Partnerships.

Candidates who are lateral entry teachers and teacher assistants must move beyond their own classrooms and schools for at least two clinical experiences. Alternative settings must be approved by the instructor. A limited number of clinical experiences may be approved in significantly different classrooms within their school of employment. Employed candidates are encouraged to seek assistance and support from their administrators.

To view the current program curriculum, please visit the website for the Teacher Education Advising and Licensure office.