Application and Process

There are two (2) required applications to apply to the Respiratory Therapy Program. 

  • BSRT program specific application process. 
  • University application process

Admission to UNC Charlotte is independent of admission to the Respiratory Therapy Program. In order for the program to be able to consider an application for admission, the applicant must have completed all necessary steps for University Admission by the established deadline.

Step 1: Apply to the Department of Kinesiology by completing the online application

BSRT Application


As part of this application, submit the following items by email as a scanned copy, or by fax to 704‑687‑0930 attention Respiratory Therapy Program. The email can be sent to This is required. Failure to do so may delay the review of your file for admission.

  • A photocopy of your registered respiratory therapist credential certificate or card
  • A photocopy of your respiratory care license with expiration date
  • A current basic life support or basic CPR certification
Step 2: Apply for admission to UNC Charlotte as a transfer student. You can complete this after you have submitted the program specific application (Step 1)

New Student to UNCC

UNCC Application

  • You must create an account
  • Complete the application. Please be sure to select Respiratory Therapy as the major
  • Provide all post-secondary transcripts, a transcript from each school
  • If you have completed an Associate’s Degree or will be completing your degree, high school transcripts are not required
  • Application fee must be paid for your application to be processed
  • You should ensure that your University application is complete by November 15 (spring) or May 15 (fall) to ensure full consideration of your file and application to the BSRT program

Returning Student to UNCC

  • Please be aware that if you have not been enrolled for 12 consecutive months after the semester last attended at UNC Charlotte, you will need to apply for readmission to the University through the Office of the Registrar. 
  • If you are a previous BSRT student at UNCC or a previous BSRT applicant, you will need to resubmit your BSRT specific application as well.

*The application process is a dual process.  You can submit both applications at the same time, however the program will not review the program specific application file until:

  1. Your University application file is complete and you have been admitted to the University.