The UNC Charlotte ELET program includes course-work in the following areas:

  • Linear Circuits
    • Application of fundamental tools from Physics and Mathematics to the analysis and design of analog (linear) electrical and electronic systems
  • Digital Logic and Systems
    • Application and design of digital systems for logical decision making, system control, and digital signal processing
  • Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems
    • Applications, principles, technology, and design and interfacing
  • Electronic Circuits and Systems
    • Applications and principles of modern electronic devices as used in electronic control, communications, consumer applications, and energy control
  • Control Systems
    • Applications of classical and modern feedback control systems to a wide variety of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Power Systems
    • Transmission and modeling of power components and systems
  • Applied Energy Conentration
    • A Concentration in Applied Energy is available to BSET in Electrical Engineering Technology students​