Education Master Degrees

General Master's Degrees Questions:

How long will it take to complete my program​?

  • The length of time for completion varies with the number of courses needed for each program, though most students complete their program in two years or less.
  • Please work closely with your advisor to plan out your schedule of courses, and to determine what time frame works best for you!. 

What are the general similarities and differences between a Graduate Certificate and a Master's program?

  • Both are recognized graduate programs where students can access graduate levels of financial aid.
  • A Graduate Certificate honors a specific program of study, but does not lead to a degree.
  • A Graduate Certificate program does not require an entrance exam.
  • A student may be admitted to the Master of Arts in Teaching program at anytime and their courses work from the Graduate Certificate will be applied as long as it is within the six year window for completion.​

What’s the difference between the M.A.T. and a traditional M.Ed. or M.A.? 

  • The traditional M.Ed. and M.A. programs are designed for fully licensed, experienced teachers pursuing additional professional development in the same field or fields for which any Standard Professional I license and teaching experience provides adequate background.  (e.g., ELED to ELED, MDLG to MDLG, or ELED to READ) 
  • The M.A.T. is designed for three kinds of adults: 
    • (1) those who wish to change professions and enter teaching,
    • (2) those who are already residency teachers and need to earn the Standard Professional I teaching license
    • (3) those who wish to change teaching fields (for example, from high school biology to elementary education)
  • Both kinds of master’s programs lead to the advanced “M” license.