How are you diverse?


Highlighting the diversity of distance education students distance education students are rarely seen on the UNC Charlotte campus. And yet, the diversity of our campus community is enriched by their real-life stories. In three short videos, we highlight some of the many contributions that the over 2,000 DE students make every day.

The students in the videos demonstrate how their differences deepen the learning experience at UNC Charlotte. “How are you diverse?” All UNC Charlotte distance education students were invited to submit an application to participate in this project. Below are the selected participates' videos:

Meet Sonica a registered nurse and is working on her Bachelor of Science and Nursing through the RN to B.S.N. Completion Program.

Meet Richard who is currently achieving a 4.0 with his curriculum in Bachelor of Science Degree in Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science.

Meet Kelecy who is "triple full time" and is attending UNC Charlotte for Special Education (K-12): Adapted Curriculum and Autism Spectrum Disorders